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Bob Rieger, a Trailblazer in the Registration Service Industry →


Businessman and Internet visionary Bob Rieger is the founder and CEO of AVRS, Inc., a technology company dedicated to providing the best DMV processing solution in the industry. AVRS is the most advanced and feature-rich registration system available and the only one powered by…

The more you know.

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Sex advice- what if he can’t come?

I’ve never had this experience before, but both Rugby and McSteamy take a really long time to get off. Like I mean, hours. Hours of sex, and then really long blow jobs if the sex isn’t working. 

For Rugby, I don’t think he even came from sex, after all the sex we had. He did come after a few hours of sex, about 45 minutes of head, and a handjob- but I think that was the only time I got him off, even though we fucked all weekend. I’m less concerned about McSteamy because in the end, I have always managed to get him off even if it takes basically forever. With Rugby, most times I eventually had to give up and go to sleep because I was sore everywhere, my neck hurt from giving head, and I was frustrated and tired.

It made me feel really inadequate to not be able to get Rugby to come, and it was actually really upsetting to me. I used every trick I know, and exhausted myself trying. I’m honestly pretty fantastic in bed, so the fact that I couldn’t get him to come… that’s why I’m here, asking for help.

What do you do when he’s not getting off? Do you keep trying? Is it ever okay to just be like, “Yo man I don’t know what to tell you but I want to go to sleep now”? 

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Adventures summary

Well. I was a hit with all of Rugby’s friends, and family. His brothers told him to marry me. 

It’s a little too much to handle at the moment. 

The cake came out great. There was also a cake from a professional baker, and mine was better (HA!). Not better looking, but definitely better tasting. 

Other than that I really just can’t even handle all the things that happened- it was a very overwhelming two days. It was very fun, but very… frightening. 

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Rudolph Belarski



Rudolph Belarski


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Adventures… Update

Well I spent all fucking day making the cake for Rugbys birthday. I think he approves.

Last night we got in, hung out, and then had a ridiculous amount of sex. I mean, ridiculous. He never came, actually it kind of annoyed me. Like you can’t just keep fucking me because you’re not coming, you know? Eventually it hurts. And I asked him if he just wanted me to blow him but he didn’t say yes until way later and I just felt like that’s douchey, to let me kill myself trying to get you off when it’s clearly not happening.

Other than that though, the sex was a pretty new experience for me. He’s very dominant. To the point where if I say stop, but seem unsure, he’ll just keep going. For instance, he was fucking me from behind and began to play with my clit, but I was sore so I reached back to push his hand away. The result of that was that he pinned me, facedown, holding my hands behind my back while he ate me out until I came 3x. It’s new, I always wondered what it would feel like to be with someone who didn’t stop when I asked, and now I know.

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"Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself."
Seriously. You don’t owe anybody an excuse, and excuses aren’t worth much anything. 

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"Short shorts = forgiveness"

At least, according to Rugby 

Thank goodness for good genes (and jeans!) 

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Start of adventure : weekend w/ Rugby

Just got into London, waiting at a pub for Rugby to collect me because I have no idea where I’m going.

I feel bad, I’m 4 hours behind schedule because of not sleeping, then over sleeping, then having too much sex with McSteamy.

Rugby says he may or may not forgive me when he sees me in my short shorts.

Speaking of, it’s a nice spring day today so I’m wearing a pair of denim cut offs, boots, and a leather jacket. People around here are staring at my like I’m offending them. Psh, whatever. Y’all just wish you had legs nice enough to show off.

I don’t know if I should ask Rugby about deleting his Tinder profile? Any advice? I don’t want to be exclusive, that’s way too much commitment for right now.

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Barely functioning

Came too hard. Can’t get out of bed.

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