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FACT OF THE DAY:  india is widely considered a sub-continent due to the hundreds of submarines it produces annually

I thought it was becuase of all the sub sandwiches you can buy at the new deli

It’s…. it’s because it’s on its own itty bitty tectonic plate, the Indian Plate. Like Italy (the Adriatic/Apulian Plate). They have mountain ranges (Himalayas; Alps) at the boundary where they are driving into the other tectonic plate (Eurasia).

I know these people are joking but sometimes I worry that sly jokes on the internet go over the head of most of the internet’s populace. So yeah, there you have it. Sub continents. 

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Ruh roh

I was out at the bar with my girl friend and wanted to show her pictures of Rugby… 

I went on Tinder to find his profile- but it’s gone. He deleted it.

really really reaaaaally hope he didn’t delete it on account of me. 

Then he texted me that his favorite song came on, and made him think of me. 

[insert gif of wide, scared eyes]

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"Excuse me, sorry, but you have the most amazing pair of legs I’ve ever seen."
Girl at the bar. Made my night!
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Day brightened up :-)

My lunch with Business POT, as usual, was lovely. He picked my favorite spot and got us a table in a window nook! Very quaint, made me very happy. 

Then I went for a really fucking hard workout with 2 of my teammates. We normally choose 2 of 3 workouts, but this time we did all 3 and holy crap I am beat. While we were working out, I got a few texts from Rugby, Scot, and McSteamy

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"Technically only 1 more day til I see you my sweet x"

Text I woke up to from Rugby. 

I can’t really describe it but he gives me butterflies kind of. Like, I just feel simultaneously totally at ease and really jittery with him. I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend with him- I think it will be such a welcome break from normal life.

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Today is not off to a good start. Was cooking and splashed gravy on my favorite cashmere sweater, then realized I have a zit next to my lip and a date with Business POT at lunch time. 

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Dianna Agron kicking the shit out of a potential rapist in the 2013 film The Family 

This movie clip is pretty much spot on for me- I’ve been told I look like her, I dress like that most days, and I 100% would respond this way if some perverts kidnapped me acting like it was all in good fun. Yes. 

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Thinking bikini competitions aren’t for me


Much rather get into competitive power lifting.

Sugar babe and lifter? Can we be best friends? I’m training to be a fitness model, cause I think it’ll be awesome to have my PhD and a modeling gig too.

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Sipping on a well-made cocktail is one of life’s simple pleasures. But we shouldn’t have to go to a bar to get a precise and well-proportioned cocktail.

Here are five classic cocktails that everyone should know how to make.

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